Let battle commence!

It’s a war, isn’t it? Parenting. A constant battle of wills. ‘Choose your battles’ people say. They mean that some things don’t matter. They mean it’s OK to let them say, not wear socks if they eat their greens. Or not flush the loo as long as they wash their hands.

I have bigger battles than those though. I have the ‘wear a giant lump of metal on the side of your head’ battle. And I don’t have a choice other than to choose it. I hate it when people say to me ‘it’s just like her wearing her socks / coat / *insert inane actually not important thing here’. Because you see the thing is, it DOESN’T MATTER if she (or he) doesn’t wear socks or a coat. It doesn’t matter if they don’t flush the toilet or wash their hands. It doesn’t matter if they don’t line up or eat green veg or sleep through the night.

What’s the worst that could happen? They get poorly? They get in trouble? They are tired? They are spoiled and bratty?

But if they don’t wear their hearing aids / processors, they can’t hear and they won’t develop speech. That’s HUGE.

And if they get poorly from not wearing a coat. Or are too tired from staying up late. There is an element of responsibility and consequences. That’ll teach ’em.

But if they grow up and can’t talk; can’t communicate well enough to order a coffee or ask the bus driver where a stop is, that’s different. I can’t teach them that that’s their responsibility now. It’s not. It’s mine.

There is no way for me to explain to Harriet that what she’s been given is a gift. An opportunity. An amazing miracle of hearing when profoundly deaf. She doesn’t understand and she doesn’t care. She just has annoying things on the side of her head that she wants to take off.

So it’s a battle of wills. Because it’s not about hearing or not hearing. Or speech development. Or ling sounds. Or mapping or graphs.

It’s about ON or OFF.

I’ve won before. Twice actually. And I’ll win again. She’ll wear these bloody processors. Even if she does it eating sweets for breakfast. Because my battle has been chosen for me. And I intend to win it.


2 thoughts on “Let battle commence!

  1. I had that fight with my two girls! Keep going! She hopefully will like it! My two girls now ask and request them on. True blessings from a mother to another mother!!! I’m glad to have met you true Instagram!

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