2013. I cannot believe it has come and gone already. It’s been another ‘challenging’ year but one I am totally ending on a high… Not least because I get married in 4 days!!!!

William has been in full time school since September. And I mean FULL TIME. I put him on a special needs bus at 8.20am and he gets home at 4.20pm. My baby is gone all day long. This has taken a lot of getting used to for both of us and at times I have wondered whether we are doing the right thing. But now, a whole term has passed I am confident we are.
His language has SKYROCKETED. He is amazing. Every day he comes out with new words and phrases. He is funny, he is confident and he is oh so clever. I feel like school, by enabling his communication, has let him really grow into who is really is. Of course, this comes with a whole heap of guilt that I couldn’t do that etc etc but I am willing to shelve that to enjoy this wonderful little boy my son is growing into.
My H is a menace. She is hurtling towards those terrible twos with speed. She is just as headstrong as her brother and just as stubborn with it. She’s amazing. Her signing is the most beautiful thing to watch. I am filled with pride that, by the time she came along, I had decent signing skills and that I have been able to progress alongside her. She has not been stilted by me, at least to the extent Will was, as so is already confident and has an amazing sense of humour.
She’s booked in to have cochlear implants on January 31st. I am so scared and so excited for all of us.

For the past few months, I have felt, for the first time in a long time, happy. That day to day contentment. It took me by surprise after years of intermittent stress and anxiety (which still make an appearance, naturally). It could be because William is at school and it’s easier without him at home (insert more guilt here). But I think that, as well as that, it’s because we haven’t been at the hospital. Since the cochlear implant assessment was finished in July, we’ve hardly been. It’s amazing the stress that all of that caused. Going into 2014 and Harriet’s operation I am fully aware that we will be back in weekly appointments and the anxiety will return.

Until then though, I am going to enjoy Christmas, my wedding and drinking in the new year. I feel like I am going in to next year confident and happy, and really bloody proud of the four of us not only surviving another year, but coming out of it happy and in love.

So 2014, bring it.




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