Expect the unexpected

Today we had a consultation with our kids’ doctor. We haven’t had one for a while and I think we all knew what to expect.

Harriet’s latest hearing tests have confirmed the ones she had at 5 weeks old – she is profoundly deaf. This means she can hear very, very little without her hearing aids and even with them in she cannot hear enough to access speech. It’s a complicated diagram of pitches, frequencies and volume but the essence is this: if we want her to ever talk, she will need cochlear implants. A major operation that carries risks. But will mean she can hear. As a hearing family we have always said that if that’s what it takes then that is what we will do. And so her journey to sound begins.

And then came the news we didn’t expect. William’s hearing has deteriorated. His left ear is profoundly deaf. His right is not what it once was. He is on the borderline of profoundly deaf there too. His speech is not progressing at the speed and level that one would expect or want. He too is being referred for cochlear implants.

Two kids. Two major operations. Two life changing opportunities. A few fucking scary months ahead.

My main thought? I just hope it’s all done by Christmas so they can hear me tell their Dad how much I love him at our wedding.


One thought on “Expect the unexpected

  1. They know how much you love him because they feel it. Whenever it happens, if it happen it would be the silver in the dark cloud you currently face but they know because of you and shaun and everything you do for them and each other x

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