Harri Barri
Harri Barri Bo

Princess Podgekins

The pink one.

She’s ONE.





One thought on “Harriet

  1. hi there alison

    i’ve just come across your blog and think i might send it to my mum as i was born with pendred’s almost 54 yrs ago – before the days of for genetic testing. She carted me round to the GPs for 4 yrs knowing there was something wrong and was constantly told she was a hysterical over-anxious social worker but she KNEW! and that’s because neither of my younger brothers had double pendred’s genes and they were developing a lot faster than me. I feel sad that some of my contemporaries of similar age may have ended up in long stay institutions due to undiagnosed pendred’s. To cut a long story short, by a stroke of luck, my mum’s GP went to a lecture about pendred’s in 1963 and realised that it was what i had – hypothyroidism and mild to moderate hearing loss. They didn;t used to give h/aids in those days for my level of loss so i struggle to overcome a lifelong experience of lack of self confidence through partial deafness but have worn bilateral aids for 34 yrs. I had thyroxine since 4yrs, was in hospital many times as a child but from being a classic ‘cretin’ (what people with untreated pendred’s are called), I caught up academically very fast and also in growth/development. I am now doing doctoral level studies and a keen long distance cyclist. My mum on the other hand could tell you many stories about life with 3 children under 5yrs, two of whom were in hospital in london at same time but in different ones because it apparently wasn’t possible! to put us together. We lived not so far away from you. Anyway in reading your blog I want to pay tribute to my mum who managed to bring up three kids in such challengng circumstances as I hope yours do for you. Probably not til they’ve had their own kids though! I have 2 children myself now teenagers both will be carriers so they will have some challenges ahead. There are some things I’d like to ask you about your family history/ names out of a personal interest. Also pendred’s hypothyroidism expresses in difft ways, some have no hypothyoidism but it doesnt express itself unitl puberty and for one women, til she was`42 yrs with 80% hearlong loss so be aware about the symptoms. I was short, not responsive, cried a lot, dry skin, etec etc. I shall follow your blog with interest.
    best wishes to you all

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