I should be so lucky

I complain a lot. I whinge and whine about having deaf kids a lot. It’s bloody hard work. A lot.

But recently I’ve noticed how incredibly lucky we are. For whatever reason we have been dealt the deaf cards and I’m not sure I’ll ever come to terms with that but what is getting me through is the ridiculous amount of support we get. We have an unbelievable amount of people on our side and in our corner.

Recently we had Will’s Individual Education Plan at his nursery. There were, including me, SIX people in the room. All focusing on his learning experience and how to make it better for him.

He has a Communication Support Worker with him the whole time he is at nursery, signing and talking so he doesn’t miss anything.

He has a key worker.

There is a special needs professional.

The room coordinator makes sure his environment isn’t too noisy or difficult for him to communicate in.

He has a speech and language specialist who visits him once a week. 

And that’s just at nursery.

At home he’s had an hour of sign language tuition a week since he was 6 months old.

He has a teacher of the deaf.

And at hospital he has a pediatric audiologist.

And a pediatric consultant.

And another teacher of the deaf.

And another, more specialist, speech and language therapist.

So that’s ELEVEN professionals all working in his best interest. Plus his Mum and Dad.

So for a kid unlucky enough to be deaf he’s pretty lucky in how much support he gets to make that ok.

And I’m lucky too. To have them, and to have him.



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