The gingerbread house that was not

So. This is embarrassing.

When GBBO was still on our screens, Hannah over at Mama Bear With Me set up a gingerbread house competition. Yesterday I checked the closing date, found out it was, indeed, yesterday, and begged for an extension.

And so to today.

I didn’t have the ingredients.
We went shopping.
We came home.
Will did not nap (this is a recent thing and one that does not always end well, for either of us)
We made gingerbread.

Here’s how it went.


Problem 1:


Yeah, my syrup went off in September. You see where this is going. I used it anyway.


So far so good.


“No, mummy! No, mummy! No, mummy!” He had to roll out the dough himself (while eating it, is tasted great!)


“Weeeyam cut cut, weeeyam cut cut” Again with the independence.

Did you read about his will power? It was out in force today!

But there was another problem that was more about me. Kinda like the not having ingredients, or having ingredients that went off a couple of months ago. I didn’t read the recipe. So when Will was insisting on rolling and cutting the dough himself, he should have been doing it on greaseproof paper, not on the work surface. Because, turns out, when you try and move the rolled out dough, it falls apart (and has to be squidged back together). Like so.



Anyway, we battled on, cooked the pieces, cooled the pieces and attempted to assemble the pieces.


And gave up. Those rough edges were never going to make a house. It wasn’t worth the tears.


We decorated them and ate them. They tasted bloody good and surely that’s all that really matters right? Right? *tries to convince inner competitive perfectionist slowly drowning herself in gin in the corner*




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