He understands!

Communication with children is tricky. You can never be sure if they can hear you or if they are ignoring you or if they just don’t understand you. Communication with William is trickier. More often than not he cannot hear you and so is always ‘ignoring’ you and is a long way from understanding you, words at least (his communication through Sign Language is coming on wonderfully).

So this week we had a breakthrough. I had a friend visit with her 6 month old son. We had been home all day, Will was bored which turned into manic as soon as they arrived. He ran around, showing off, being loud and aggressive (you know the usual cabin fever score). Anyway, this culminated in him hitting the baby hard on the head with a toy. The poor baby cried very loudly and his Mummy picked him up and gave him a cuddle and he soon settled but William was obviously disturbed by the consequences of his actions. He looked over in mortification and I said to him ‘go and give him a cuddle and say sorry’. And that’s just what he did. He got up off of my lap, walked over to the baby and put his arms around him. Broke. My. Heart.

Now I’m not sure if he heard me – he has worn his hearing aids pretty much all day since we turned that corner recently – and understood my words.

Or if he understood the situation and transferred his knowledge that Mummy and Daddy cuddle him when he cries so that’s what he had to do here.

Either way it shows that he is growing up, and he understood something and acted on it and that is a big step for us. Exciting!


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