Blood tests and a superhero

Did you read my recent post about going to the doctors?

Well today surpassed all that pride I have felt over recent trips. Today Will had a blood test as part of his genetic testing to try to find out what it is (if anything) that has caused his hearing loss and if it will affect future children of ours.

This is his shirt, and I can tell you that the badge does not do my wee boy justice.


We went in and Will was placed on my lap with a cushion on his. The nurses rolled up both his sleeves and chose his left inner elbow to take the blood from. We discussed anaesthetic but because of his eczema the cream would have taken an hour to take effect and I didn’t want to hang around that long, so we went without. Eeeeeeeeeeeeekkkk.

There was a ‘play expert’ with bubbles and a finger puppet kitten to distract him – he was having none of it.

Will watched the needle go in to his little arm, watched the skin around it turn red and fiery and watched the vial fill up with his own blood.

He made not a peep. He had no dummy, no snacks, no distraction, and there wasn’t a tear in sight.

The staff were astounded.

And then, AND THEN, when they had removed the needle and put the plaster over the hole, he offered them his other arm to do the same to that.

 I am pretty sure that gives him super hero status, in his Mummy’s eyes at least.


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